My 21 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

Today I’m thankful for my commute.

It may be an odd thing to be thankful for something that most people dread dealing with. I too never look forward to my navigation app telling me I have an hour or more to work in the morning or home in the evening. I especially cringe on Thursday and Friday afternoons when I see “heavy traffic ahead” or my estimated commute time being over an hour and fifteen minutes.

So why am I grateful for my commute? Well, some time ago I got smart and turned off the morning talk show and turned on the podcasts and audio books. I don’t recall exactly why or how I transitioned from the mindless nonsense that I listened to on the radio to being more proactive about what I consume during my drive but if I had to guess I’d guess it started with listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast. Then, over time, I eventually listened to more and more podcasts and eventually subscribed to Audible to “read” books.

I eventually became a Zig Ziglar student and learned that there is a name for my style of commute. I’m guessing Zig coined the term himself but somehow it just made sense when I first heard it. He called it, “Automobile University”. As I cruise down the highway I continue to feed my brain with worthwhile content. Content that I wish I would have learned while in school.

To this day, after nearly 4 years of commuting 55 miles each way, I continue to spend the majority of the time listening to great speakers, authors, and leaders like Zig Ziglar, Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, Seth Godin, Daniel Lapin, Joel Osteen, Chalene Johnson, and Crystal Paine. Thankfully, with each of their podcasts or books, I get exposed to more and more experts in the world of leadership, entrepreneurship, personal growth, social media, etc. I learn and think while I drive helping make a time that could easily go to waste become one or two of the most productive hours of my day.

Of course, I have to admit there have been many Friday afternoons where my brain is saturated. By that time I’m ready to just listen to my comedy station on Pandora and laugh with Robin Williams, Jeff Foxworthy, George Lopez, Carlos Mencia, as well as Jeff Dunham and his friends Walter, Peanut, and Achmed.


“I kill you!”