Writing Today So That One Day I’ll Have that “Ah ha!” Moment

The past few weeks I’ve been listening a lot to Gary Vaynerchuk through his podcasts, vlogs, and audiobooks. After a few weeks of completely immersing myself in his content I’ve realized one thing and that is I wish I had a little more of his natural entrepreneurial spirit. He just breathes entrepreneurship and confidence in being successful no matter what comes his way.

I, on the other hand, have always struggled at the idea of having to make a sale; especially when it comes to relying on my abilities to sell to earn an income. Where Gary is an experienced practitioner of selling products and services since childhood I am not and that is what causes me to think twice about ever leaving the “security” of employment.

As much as I am appreciative of my job I think a lot about what else I can do to bring in a second income for my family and maybe one day be an entrepreneur myself. For a few years I’ve thought a lot about having a blog that would help me put my thoughts in black and white to help facilitate my discovery process. And that is what I’ve conceded this blog to be until I figure out what I can eventually monetize for that second income or maybe event my family’s primary incoming.

I go back and forth a lot about the idea of this website being a personal technology site sharing my thoughts on the technology and software I use. As an IT professional, I get the typical IT questions from family and friends like, “Is it possible to get my photos from the phone I lost?”, “What kind of computer should I buy?”, “Can you help me get rid of the virus on my computer?”. It seems no matter how many blogs and videos there are online sharing personal technology how to’s there is apparently a need for more.

I’ve also thought about focusing more on my thoughts of leadership, coaching, and personal growth. And yes, there are hundred’s of already established blogs and vlogs discussing the same but maybe my opinion will resonate with others. Or maybe there will be enough who debate my thoughts to also make it worthwhile. I’ll be fine with that… I think.

There is also the idea of just writing about the answers to the most common questions I receive… professionally, as a family member who is asked for an opinion here and there, and just someone that has lived long enough to know a thing or two.

I’m still not sure what my focus will be but I’m working on it and as I commit to writing more I’m hoping that I’ll one day have an “ah ha!” moment.

To those of you that are following along I would be humbled if you shared this with anyone that might be experiencing similar challenges. Even more important, I’d love to hear from you and hope to discuss your thoughts.