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My Current Self-Audit Review

So I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and auditing of who I am and what I want to do with my life.

As I reflect, I realized one of the easiest things to do is to identify where I’m spending my time. I’m not necessarily speaking to how I’m spending minutes of the day but instead to the commitments I have in this season of my life.

After work, and of course my family, my next largest time commitment today is to the two recreational soccer teams I coach. The season began for the players in mid-August but the coaching commitment began in mid-July with a coaches meeting. The season will end in mid-November with either an end of the season party or the final game of the season, whichever is scheduled last. That is a stretch of 4 months with 3 solid months of my day being work, soccer, and whatever else I can squeeze in.

In terms of hours per week, I’m devoting about 2 hours per practice with prep and actual practice time. At the moment each team has two nights a week of practice so for me that means right now my Monday through Thursday evenings are occupied. On 4 out of the 5 of the Friday evenings I’ve had equipment duty so just about an hour was required to drive to the pick-up location, collect the equipment, and then home. That is in addition to the coaches clinic I opted to participate in to help improve my coaching skills; another 2 hours for 4 straight Fridays.

My Saturday mornings are pure soccer. Collectively with arriving to the fields early, setting up field equipment, preparing line-ups and game cards, and pre-game and game coaching there is at least 4-5 hours of time spent between the two teams.

In addition to my soccer commitments, I am also serving as the Roseville Pony Registrar. My “busy time” is ramping up and will continue through opening ceremonies in February. As the registration period progresses my nights will require dedicated time spent to answering questions and assisting families with registering for the Spring 2017 season.

So back to the self-audit, I think to myself and question what it is that I want to really do in life. I can’t help but realize that part of the answer involves coaching/teaching. As I allow myself to dream I wonder if there is still a chance to make a career somehow around youth sports… and since soccer is the sport I’ve always been a part of since early childhood maybe it can provide me way to marry a career in coaching, leadership, and maybe even social media.

These are my thoughts as of the past few weeks. I definitely enjoy coaching the boys on my teams. I may come home frustrated at times and question how well I’m doing as a soccer trainer and coach but I return to each practice and game with renewed optimism.

I’ve especially thought about trying to figure out how to have a side hustle similar to the trainer providing the coaches clinics. I haven’t spoken with him one-on-one but from he’s said he’s just a dad that coached his daughter’s team years ago and wanted to get better. Now he’s providing coaches clinics, I assume he charges a fee to the leagues, and he also continues to receive training (he just returned from England where he attended a training). I’d have no complaints incorporating some travel as well!

So I’m hoping to manifest my destiny or at least share with the world a bit of a possible direction I’d like to go.

I’ll always love technology helping provide solutions in the world of software but maybe there will be that time where I move away from a desk and spend more time “hands on” coaching, interacting, and serving others in a different capacity.

My World Cup “Duh!” Moment

So this week started the second full week of World Cup 2014 play which means the teams are playing their third, and for many their last, game of the Cup. As many of you know the first and second round of games were scheduled such that they were back to back starting at 9AM PT and going to 3PM PT. Of course on the weekends they included additional games but they were tacked on later in the day.

Yesterday was the first day of the third round and as I reviewed the schedule I immediately noticed the change but didn’t realize why they had switched from the games being back to back to where they were playing two games in the morning and two in the afternoon with the same kick-off time for the AM games and likewise for the PM games. I just accepted it and moved on… until lunch today.

At my office I’m lucky to have a break room with a TV and so I decided to take my lunch today at 1PM to catch some of the Japan vs Columbia game. During the game the commentators briefly mentioned the score of the game being played at the same time and of course mentioned that those two teams were in the same group. Then of course it hit me. Duh! If the four teams in the same group don’t play their third round game at the same time there are greater chances or opportunities for teams to alter their strategy of how they play their last game.

In other words if teams A and B are playing the morning game and teams C and D get to watch that game and learn the results depending on their group rankings teams C and D have greater opportunities to be coerced or manipulated in their play. However, if teams A-D of the same group all play at the same time they have less opportunity to change their strategy or potential of being “manipulated” by outside sources.

I use the term manipulated as that is one of the tag lines FIFA has been using during this World Cup’s FIFA “Elements” campaign commercial.

I know this is nothing new as I’m sure they did the same during the preceding World Cups but for whatever reason it took me until today to realize why the schedule had changed… or to recall that nothing had changed from four years ago.

So have you had any “duh!” moments while watching this year’s World Cup? What has been your favorite?